The Hyve

Artificial Intelligence for your Micro Grid

Hydromesh is a first of its kind smart-grid solutions that integrate long-term storage of energy in the form of hydrogen, a CHP system and advanced AI, called the Hyve, with machine learning to predict the optimal use of locally generated energy from renewables to allow the users to become in best case scenario energy prosumers. Hydromesh will create a flexible, efficient and carbon neutral energy network based on local renewable and thus contribute to lowering emissions connected to energy generation while at the same time building the infrastructure for a sharing economy around energy and hydrogen fuel.

Save Money

Enable the full potential of your system and save costs up to 20% by only implementing the Hyve.

Reduce Emission

Decrease emissions or eliminate emission by utilizing Hydromesh system. 

Reliable Energy

Hydromesh provides reliable a energy source in case a major disturbance in the grid occurs

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