Your Hydrogen Smart Grid Solution


Percentage CO2 Reduction

Reduce your CO2 Emissions in base case scenario by 100%


Percentage Reduction of Electricity Bill

Reduce Electricity by 10 – 20 % with our software only


Software and System


While the worlds energy is shifting more to renewable energy and batteries, we believe that it is time to implement hydrogen into our energy eco system. Our offer is the perfect answer to affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities and climate action sustainable development goals by the UN.

Renewable Energy

Our company helps you to become independent and produce your own green energy.

Smart Grid

Connect your whole house to a smart grid. Don’t stop there become a part of a bigger grid and create a sharing economy.

AI and Support

Our software The Hyve includes an AI and a direct connection to our support team. The holistic data input into The Hyve helps in combination with the routines of the user to adapt, improve and make the best decision for you.

What is Hydromesh?

Hydromesh is a first of its kind smart-grid solutions that integrates long-term storage of energy in the form of hydrogen, a CHP system and advanced AI with machine learning to predict the optimal use of locally generated energy from renewables to allow the users to become in best case scenario energy prosumers

What we do

Hydromesh will create a flexible, efficient and carbon neutral energy network based on local renewable and thus contribute to lowering emissions connected to energy generation while at the same time building the infrastructure for a sharing economy around energy and hydrogen fuel.

Homes without enough Energy by 2040 in Sweden
People without Electricity globally
People with insufficient Energy supply globally

Anton Moberg

CTO & Co-Founder

Murat Samanci


Sonny Nilsson

Software Lead

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